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Thread: C# DLL's

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    C# DLL's

    I thought that my problem was how I was declaring a manifest file.
    But now I think I can safely rule this out.

    I think the probem lies in the way I am loading the DLL/COM object
    that the manifest file references.

    The program runs -- sort of. After I embed the manifest file into
    the executable. I just cannot step through the code in debug mode.

    So I put the manifest file into the list of files that the IDE had
    to reference. And then I noticed a big change. Then the executable
    that I produced had an error message (that I could ignore and continue
    running the program, if I choose to) that said the probem was
    with the way I was loading the COM object.

    How do I load a DLL into a GUI front-end written in C#. Where
    should I look for possible problems?

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    Firstly, don't start a new thread for the same problem - it makes it difficult for people to understand what you're asking if they haven't seen the original thread and it doesn't necessarily make it more likely that your question will be answered.

    What exactly are you trying to do - can you give a really basic description of what you want to do? Are you simply trying to reference another assembly in a project, or are you trying to reference a COM dll. If you're trying to reference a COM dll why? Is there not a managed assembly that has this functionality in it - if there is it will save you a lot of headaches.

    Generally if you want to add an assembly reference the easiest way is to right click on your references and choose "Add References..." (assuming you're using Visual Studio). If you want to load an assembly at runtime rather than statically, you'll want to look at the System.Reflection namespace.

    Also, normally when you have errors and it asks you if you want to ignore and continue, what it's doing is using an old version of your program (i.e. any changes you've made won't be included). So it probably doesn't mean much.


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