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Thread: Anyone here from the Middle-East?

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    Anyone here from the Middle-East?

    If you are having internet problems, this is likely the cause.

    A submarine cable in the Mediterranean was cut earlier today, resulting in a dramatic slowdown in internet access for people in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and much of the Middle East.
    A spokesman for Flag Telecom, the owner of the severed cable, told the Reg: "It is a problem off the coast of Alexandria in Egypt. For some reason ships were asked to anchor in a different place to normal - 8.3km from the beach. One of the ship's anchors cut our cable but there are multiple cuts - we're not the only company having problems."

    Full Story at:


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    do a whois search on my ip...
    Soo thats why my internets faster...

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    Oh I thought you were checking for people whom dont live in the major places ... but I see the story now.
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    it's causing problems for quite a few UK help desks too
    as they are now based mainly in India

    and a bloody ANCHOR
    damn accurate shot
    was it an alqueda plot
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

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    I am standing here three times besides myself with nothing to do. Hababe has gone off to the falafel stand and the help desk phone will not stop ringing.

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    LMAO...DELL call centers must have been freaking out!!!! XD

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    Middle East Cables Cut

    If you live in India or the Middle East and wonder why your internet Connection is a little slow?

    This may take a few days to fix....My thoughts are more on the outsourced work of Australian Banking/Phone/Utilities services in India.

    On Wednesday, a pair of undersea fiber optic cables running internet service for some parts of the Middle East got snapped near Egyptian port of Alexandria. According to Verizon, the reason for the damage is unknown. Some speculate that ships were seen dragging anchor and that might be the reason for the lines to get snapped.

    In India, Internet bandwidth has been down to 50% - 60% since Wednesday. Ships have been rushed to repair the damage, but it could take weeks for services to return to normal. Internet users have been advised to drop their bandwidth usage.

    Via: FT

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    I merged this with another thread on the same subject, since they are both currently on the main page.

    Three have been three cables cut... can we still call it coincidence?

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    Its a terrorist plot. They are going after my pr0n!!! MUST HIDE pr0n!!!! Oh, wait I live in the US. Nevermind, just kidding.

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    Funny, I'm in India and I'm still able downloading Pr0n with the same good old speed on my 256 kbps line

    If you live in India or the Middle East and wonder why your internet Connection is a little slow?
    I've lived in both places and the connections which i could afford has always been a little slow :-P

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