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Thread: Anti Virus Software for Windows Vista

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    I agree with Korp, Avast is free and was the first a/v that worked with Vista.

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    which version of NOD32 do you have? Their firewall is mediocre but their antivirus software gets rated very well. Kaspersky would be another very good antivirus, but it used significantly more resources than NOD32.

    Quote Originally Posted by oofki
    I agree with Korp, Avast is free and was the first a/v that worked with Vista.
    Oofki...IMHO -- Having a free antivirus is great...but just having it "work" with vista these days is not good enough. How good is it at actually catching stuff, and preventing them from installing in the first place? Everybody's making antivirus applications these days...I've seen over 2 dozen flavors in my store alone...but less than a handful are actually worth anything
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    I am using Vista currently as i have got a free Norton for next 1 year and its working fine no issue uptill now

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    but less than a handful are actually worth anything
    See, now I'm with Cybr1d on this one. I would hate to see you dump NOD32 for AVG. As Cybr1d also stated, NOD32 always rates top (or near top) on most AV comparisons. It's a very good product from what I have read.

    Also, based on its poor track record, I'm not too quick to push free AVG. If free is what you want, AntiVir seems to get the best results of free AV's (but it does have one ugly GUI).
    To date, I still don't get the whole free AV bit. If it's a means to protect your system until you get some cash to buy a good product, ok. But as a final solution?
    Break down the numbers of most paid personal AV solutions ($40-$60) to purchase, and ($20-$40) for renewals, and here's what you actually pay (per day): 11-16 cents for the first year, 6-10 cents from then on (at current pricing, NOD32 would cost you 11 cents per day for the first year, then 8 cents per day after).
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