Soda, points are understood, but I'm not here to lie to anyone. It won't happen, that's the reality. We deal with the developer shortage all the time, and I can tell you flat out, it ain't changin'.

Nokia, the mod issue WAS addressed, just not the way some of you want. If there's been an issue SINCE I said what I said, no one's alerted me. We've already discussed this (you and I).

I'm happy you were in the service, Ice, but to quote someone else around here in this thread, "apples and oranges". And yes, she did the 48 sprint, but we were both involved for weeks prior, then I worked from 4:45am till 6am,, then worked a normal workday (for me) until midnight. Point is folks, it took about 60x the normal upgrade time and effort, capishe?

Eg, does that revenue or lack thereof affect the spending power of that $50? That's the stipend folks, if you don't want to write one, don't write one.