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Thread: AO - Max security for a connected world

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    but to be honest with ya Eg, there hasn't been that much constructive. At least not in the way I have been reading things. I may be misinterpreting the underlying tone of certain posts but most of what I have seen has been either a vendetta against spyder or bashing JupMed and its agents for having a corporate policy they have to follow. Out of 180 posts there have been maybe 30 total that were even semi constructive.

    And for the record, not trying to be a jerk here. But just because it works over at ******* that does not necessarily mean it will work here. Does ******* have shareholders? Is ******* traded on the NASDAQ? No. It has membership it has to keep happy. But the bottom line is we don't pay for this site. Jupiter Media owns it. They have a completely different structure than the people who run *******. And I'm not trying to bash *******. I have never actually visited. I'm not sure at this point if I would be welcome.

    But you are comparing apples to oranges and I have seen at least one person say in this thread (im paraphrasing here) "if AO doesn't do exatly what I say, I am taking my marbles and going home". I do not feel inclined to go back and find the exact post. I don't have time to sift back through 180 posts to find the one I am referring to. Thats why I said if you don't like it go somewhere else.

    I would love to see you guys stay around. I don't want to see anyone leave. But some people just refuse to accept reality. And that reality is not everything that people want is possible for this large corporation. It may work fine for you guys but it wont fly with JPNyc and intmon's boss. Thats what I am trying to get across.

    I work for a multi-national corporation. I am currently in the transportation division as a foreman. And let me tell you, what would fly with a small mom and pop trucking company would never fly with these guys. Its the same thing here. If one of my guys has a suggestion on how to do something better I have a chain of command I have to follow. If someone in the corporate office rejects the idea, then thats it, end of story. And at that point its like the idea never existed. I'm not saying its right, I'm just saying thats the way life goes.


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    I understand what you're saying ZomBieMann77...and you're right there is a difference between a member-site and a corporation view. But AO is not one of JupMed's bread n' butter sites like and there is, or should be, a lot more room for considering other avenues/approaches.

    And you're right just because something works someplace else it doesn't necessarily mean it will work here. But I don't see this thread as being a ' what will work thread ' to me this thread is more of a ' let's bounce some ideas around thread, shake the trees and see what falls out thread '


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    Quote Originally Posted by Und3ertak3r
    Thank you.. I took that advice over a year ago.. if this is the attitude of membership over this discussion I will stay away..
    I wasn't referring to you, specifically, Und3ertak3r, as you seem to be a professional, intelligent, issues-based person. I was referring to something that I see too much of (as a member of multiple forums), namely, "This site sucks now!", and "It was better when 'x' was a moderator!" type of thinking. I did, however, let my emotions get the better of me, and if I insulted you personally or your sensibilities, I apologize. I do agree with you that there are issues that do need to be worked out here on AO, and I will continue to champion the idea that we, the users, need to make those changes hand-in-hand with the administrators of this site.

    I guess what I get the most upset about is the "Throw the baby out with the bathwater" mentality. Why overhaul everything when all you need is an oil change?

    Hope there's no hard feelings...

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    OK, the tutorials submission forum is up, and the rules are posted in an announcement forum wide. You'll find that you can only create new threads and only view in reply to your own threads. You will not be able to view or reply to anyone else's.

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    So, not meaning to incite a riot here,'s closing in on a month now since this all started...where are the "Big Changes?" I still see AO stagnating in it's own juices...
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

    Which coder said that nobody could outcode Microsoft in their own OS? Write a bit and make a fortune!

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    1st change is up already, we're taking paid tutes. That was one of the biggest things that was repeatedly asked for in this thread, so we went after that 1st. To date we have 0 tutes submitted.

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    If this ******* that everyone keeps talking about is so great why exactly are you still here?
    We are here because we LIKED [past tense I know] this site
    it's where a lot of us cut our forum teeth
    but the site IS deteriorating now, and we would like it to turn around

    and as Eg has said, I dont see this thread as a knock AO thread
    more of a who wants what ?
    what can we try ?
    why IS it so pants now ?

    for what it's worth, I believe that the mods have an ego issue now
    it used to be that the mods would be in th ebackground, posting as a member NOT as a mod, they would intervene if needed

    they had one thing in common
    they were older than the average skiddie, and they had experience of the world and man management

    Gore [to put names down] might well be an authority on installing / running open source OS's, but he is still young, has no experience of head to head real world employment issues at management levels

    he tends to react before putting the proverbial in gear

    nihil has been active here from his first day, alway shelping the newcomer, and not applying criticism or patronising them in his replies UNTIL he became a mod.

    he still is active, he is WAY and above the most prolific poster here
    but the attitude in his posts has become more belligerent towards those he seems to consider unworthy / or even off topic

    a recent thread on rainbow tables will do as an example
    a reply was patronising, and unworthy of anyone here let alone a moderator who is the representative of JupMed in the forum

    once someone replied who is not only a skilled exponent in the higher sections of our IT world, but he also took the time to reply to both the original question, which as he pointed out WAS relevant to the thread, but then added a detaile dexplanation of just how it all works IRL.

    as of now there has been no apology from any mod / admin for the bad 'manners', and it is THIS that we are asking about

    WHEN WILL there be any accountability to US the MEMBERS for any impropriety of you the mods / admin

    the site needs to be open about just what it will and WILL NOT accept
    and it needs to accept that when said lines have been crossed that a price has to be paid

    until this has been sorted, I [IMHO] do not think there will be a renaisance for AO, as it will still appear that the forum is just an 'old boys club' and that is something that cannot have an online future

    one last
    to those who say - if you don't like it here - LEAVE
    just look at the number of posts from each of th emembers posting here in this thread
    we ARE the forum
    we are all in the multi THOUSANDS of posts
    without us, there IS no AO

    yes it will still be here
    but how long could it survive
    the wwweb is changing, and forums are no longer the way of the wwweb
    blogs are more direct, they are getting to be the next 'new' thing

    so maybe JP WAS a fortune teller, and knew it was the right thing to do
    I don't think any other forum is going to sell for 00's of 000's of $

    do you ?

    and another last
    I have been here since 2003
    I have never had any issue personally with either Gore or nihil
    and, in point of fact am actually rather fond of nihil

    but it does not detract from what I believe to be a core issue with AO and the reasons we are having these discussions now

    bloody hell
    should change my tag to Rambler
    cos I do go on once my soap box is charged up
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

    Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's
    come and waste the day :P at The Taz Zone

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    1st change is up already, we're taking paid tutes. That was one of the biggest things that was repeatedly asked for in this thread, so we went after that 1st. To date we have 0 tutes submitted.

    I was going to submit one a while ago to 'get the ball rolling' so to speak but was put of by some of the rules.

    Is it possible to relax the rules a tad - I agree with most but could do with an explanation of the following:


    - Members that pass the screening process and whose submission are selected for the AntiOnline Member Tutorial of the Week must sign a freelance agreement authorizing the use of their work.
    What's thew screening process and what does the freelance agreement entail/what's it for?

    - Attachments, such as text files and Word documents are prohibited.
    What if the tutorial involved a script of some kind...could this not be added as a txt file? Can't quite understand the reasoning for this.

    Content Guidelines:

    - Word Limit: 700 (minimum) - 1000 words not including code snippets.
    I can understand the minimum word limit - but why the max limit....I don't think I have ever wrote a tutorial that is under 1000 words.....

    - Tutorials must be labeled Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Intermediate and advanced tutorials must include a brief section about the required level of knowledge to successfully follow the tutorial.
    This is a tad subjective to the readers own knowledge.....surely the reader can assess the skill level for themselves?

    - Allowable formatting tags: Bold, Underline, List and Code
    What about italics, quote, URL etc... surely if the formatting is availabe on the forum then it can be used in the tutorial?

    There's probably very good reasoning for all of the above rules from an internal [JupMed] point of view.....just curious as to what it is...
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    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    The eds will have to answer those. I had nothing to do with them, other than putting up the physical announcement once written.

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    Okey Dokey - Not too sure what you mean by 'Eds' but is it possible to get an answer from them?
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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