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Thread: File Sharer Identity Disclosure Prohibited

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    File Sharer Identity Disclosure Prohibited

    I came across this little snippet at

    The European Court of Justice has ruled that file-sharers must remain anonymous, meaning Internet service providers are prohibited from turning over the identities of alleged file-sharers. In the past, the music industry has used such information to file lawsuits against those it believes are swapping copyright-protected music files without authorization. The ruling deals a major blow to the music industry's worldwide campaign to crack down on copyright infringement.
    Nice one!

    "It might be a breach of copyright but you cannot violate people's privacy"

    I bet that there are some very unhappy bunnies at the RIAA and MPAA?

    I will try to find some more detailed information on the legal side and will edit this post/thread accordingly


    Here is some more:
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    We talked about this case in my IS Privacy class the other day - here's an article that summarizes it pretty decently:

    What I'd add to that article is that much will be left up to the individual member countries, which could lead to a rise in hosting illegal (copyrighted, that is) files on servers in countries that are known to be a little lax...

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    Too bad the US wouldn't see things the same way. But we believe in all the justice one can afford to buy. And the RIAA/MPAA can afford to buy a lot of justice.
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    Hmm... think we'll see more darknet services pop up out of the EU similar to those of ?
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