First let me preface this with, where at AO do we discuss WAN technologies? But this definitely qualifies as chit chat.

I just got asked a very interesting question and before I dig too deep into the net to find out about it I'd like to know if anyone here would know if it's even possible...

Here's the setup: There's a Cisco 7206xvr with 24 T1s and a frac T1 (256k) muxed on a DS3. There is a 4 port ethernet card and a 4 port t-1 pri card in the box also.

Here's the question, inside the 7206 can you break the traffic off of the one frac t1 and have it come out the ethernet card so that connection can be DMZ'd.

Now my first thought was that you'd have to have the telco break it off and supply you with a termination so you can utilize the pri card for that one and then you'd be able to split the traffic off to the DMZ, but is there some cisco kung-fu that anyone can think of to do that without having to get the telco involved? (not that I have anything against telco's but this is a good learning experience )

I'm researching this in the mean time but I thought it'd be at least interesting to hear what anyone else could come up with. So have at it.