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Thread: How to handle secure payments?

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    How to handle secure payments?

    Hey everyone,

    Few months ago, I posted a thread, and many of you helped me on how to start my web.

    However, I'm still a little short and need your help again, this time with transactions/payments.

    I've investigated many commercial websites, and they all seem to have a different company or a server that handles their CC and other payments, that's the only thing I don't have, and as a result I may end up relying on paypal, and bank deposit style payments.

    Can someone direct me on how to fix this cheaply....

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    I think you can setup pay pal to take credit cards too so that might work out good

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    Thanks OOfki, I'm trying it. It seems that I need to pay for a "CART"

    Quote Originally Posted by paypal
    Express CheckoutSee if your existing cart works with Express Checkout or select a new cart. You'll find all types and price ranges including some of the most popular carts in the industry.
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    If you're hosting a website from a company such as Gator Host....I think they give you a couple of options of shopping carts that you could use....double check hosting companies

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