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Thread: AMD x2 or Intel Core 2... What is your Opinion?

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    AMD x2 or Intel Core 2... What is your Opinion?

    Hey Hey everyone!

    Tomorrow is my birthday and im getting a new pc being right now i am limited to my macbook... my last desktop was subject to lightning...

    my last desktop was an amd 64 3800. 1gb ram

    before that an amd xp 3000.. before that xp 2000.. before that P3 slot 1 500mhz...

    So its been a while since I have really kept up with Intel.. I am more of an AMD guy..

    I am aware that the Intel Core 2 Duo is better than the AMD X2 currently.. but what I am not sure of is how much better??

    If I go core 2 duo il be getting the e6320.. i believe that is a 2.2ghz..

    if I go AMD X2 il be getting the 6000+..3ghz.. and its roughly 50-75$ cheaper.

    Now... I want everyones opinions... what do you think is better and why?

    The main aspects I am concerned about is Gaming and multitasking.

    As long as my CPU can play games from a year or 2 ago, and perform multiple tasks at one time without slowing down extremely I will be happy

    So... that is my question




    personally I am leaning towards the AMD... that 50-75$ will fill my gas tank and I love my AMD, but before I decide I would like some more input
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    Happy Birthday

    The Intel is rather more modern architecture so should perform slightly better, depending on what you want to do.

    Here is a review: (a bit dated but covers a lot of ground)

    I would say that the Intel will be more "future proof" although both processors will be perfectly adequate for what you are describing now.

    Please remember to go for "balance" and that some components can be incremented (RAM, HDD) whilst others have to be replaced (Video Card).

    Also, don't forget your monitor............... a lot of your perceived computing experience depends on its quality

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    I have the 6000+ in my home PC, and so far I've been happy with it. Honestly, when you get to that point, unless you're running some major software, the difference becomes moot. Your bottlenecks will be in other areas.

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    happy b day. personally i like amd better. jsut because. but i think amd is more compatible with nvidia than intel. and i think nvidia is better than ati. id go amd for compatibility with nvidia. but im kind of a newb. so im not too sure. id check up on who had the better graphics card nvidia or ati. then id check on what was more compatible with that card. amd or intel. since for gaming processor power is half the equation. i have a intel celeron processor runnin at 2.5 ghz with an nvidia fx 5500, and i can play most good games out there, kinda.

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    I did a quick search around for some comparisons, and came up with this one:
    AMD's Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processor

    Like many it is a little dated, and although does not compare the 6000+ against the e6320, it compares it against the Intel E6700 which has the same bus speed, the same size L2 cache, but runs at 2.66 GHz rather then the 1.86 GHz the e6320 runs at.

    chaosclown , have you noticed any compatibility issues between AMD and ATI ( would be very embarrassing for AMD since they own ATI ! )

    Your bottlenecks will be in other areas.
    I would definitely be looking at the other components such as motherboard, memory ( both speed and amount ).
    If these are bundled systems, the hard drive speeds and seek times as well as the interface ( EIDE or SATA ).

    Then there is the graphics slots, etc., but you get the idea.

    Just remember, that AMD is going to take more power and run hotter, so make sure you account for that.
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    Intel is always better, i have two legit exact same cpus just one is AMD and one is Intel and the Intel is a lot faster for games and just overall better.

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    This thread is 5 years old..................hardware has changed a lot in that time.

    Intel are not "always better" depends what your computer usage requirements are. For example, who in their right mind is going to put an i7 extreme into a home entertainment box? or one used for general home computing?

    Furthermore, you cannot "have two legit exact same cpus just one is AMD and one is Intel and the Intel is a lot faster for games and just overall better", because their architectures are quite different. Basically Intel now make APUs whereas AMD make both CPUs ("FX" series) and APUs ("A" series). Also, the AMD architecture is monolithic whilst the Intel one is discrete, and Intel use logical hyperthreading as opposed to AMD's paired physical cores.

    The only generalisations I would make right now are that Intel make higher end products than AMD and are pretty much more expensive across the board.

    AMD integrated graphics are superior to Intel's.

    Intel's boxed retail cooling solutions are pathetic; AMD's are better, but neither are suited to significant overclocking, and AMDs do tend to run hotter.

    The bottom line is that it all depends on what the PC is intended for, and I have absolutely no brand loyalty at all when it comes to that. Benchmarks are one thing, actual experience is another; but FWIW my AMD 8350BE has a WEI of 7.8/7.9 and my i5 3750K scores 7.6/7.9. This budget laptop has a Pentium B980 that scores 6.3, and I don't think that the average user would notice much difference.
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