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Thread: plz help dis pOOr guy

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    Unhappy plz help dis pOOr guy

    info about this poor guy system- AMD TURON 64x2 with WINDOWS-XP lodaded as operating system.

    i m so much scared..
    i dont know what but yesterday night i shut-down my system properly but today when i started it, i got a very scaring problem.. whenever i log in yahoo-messenger my system gets restarted..

    ..i tried reinstalling yahoo.. tried with 2-3 online scanning and antivirus too but nothing worked.. i m so much woried.. please help me out bcoz i m realy a dumb ass who knows nothing accept to login in yahoo messenger..

    ..i m desperately waiting for some realy helpful help..
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    Did you delete every trace of Yahoo messenger before reinstalling it? Or did you just reinstall again right over it?

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    Did a quick google search, hit up:

    I haven't tried it my self (don't use yahoo), but it covers all the bases of doing a proper wipe.

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    Did you do only AV scan or Spyware - Malware scan too?
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    What are you using as an internet browser?

    Try clearing your cache, cookies and history.

    Can you browse the internet and open other software without any problems?

    In your control panel, try administrative tools and look at your system and application logs to see if there are any messages relating to the problem.
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    first of all.......hi every one!

    now back to the prob,

    i wouldnt put this into any anti virus or a malware problem.

    this is likely a deleted registry key or something like that. whenever he starts "yahoo messenger" the system restarts.

    with yahoo starting and some yahoo key conflicting with the normal running dll or something like that, so the system restarts.....

    the system will also restart, if there is something conflicting with the display drivers.
    "amd" computers usually come equiped with "ati" graphics card and that sometimes conflicts a lot....if not updated.

    am thinking.......
    1) uninstall yahoo totally. by totally i mean, remove messenger, toolbar, updater, basically everything that says yahoo on it
    2) run a registry cleaner (my fav is tuneup)
    3) install yahoo messenger again
    4) post here again

    that should do it.
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    Did you install the latest windows patches via Windows Update?
    IIRC one of those patches broke Yahoo..
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    Hi there SD,

    I think that was deliberately setting a killbit for the Yahoo Jukebox application, which doesn't sound like the problem here?

    I am wondering if he has installed any new hardware or updated drivers, as I have heard of Yahoo having problems with scanner and camera software/drivers.

    I think that the next steps I would go for are:

    1. Try a different browser..................if that does the same then it looks like Yahoo! is broken.

    2. Uninstall Yahoo completely as per the link.

    3. Run CCleaner..................... including the Registry "scan for issues"

    4. Reinstall Yahoo!

    5. Try it without cameras and scanners attached.

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    yup guyz.. i tried evry thing suggested here.. but nothing worked.. i appreciate u people are so much helping me! ..plz some one give me cure of this problem

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    Not sure about what backups you have, but doing a format and reinstalling windows is always an option.
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