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Thread: HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Have been playing around on Craigslist. That will teach me to hang in those personals columns. So here I was on my little cloud, playing email tag with the tall dark and handsome of my dreams when it occured to me to check the headers of their emails. Found the scary,, . I say scray because on a simple google search they seem to indicate trouble...but what exactly??? Could I now have some sort of spyware or other nasty surprise ? Just made a purchase using my credit card too....By the way, I know for a fact all those addresses have got to originate from one individual as we truly were having a dialogue on a specific subject. Not like random spam. Thank you so very much for any help.

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    Relax. Your friend simply uses as an ISP or for email. Doesn't seem
    unusual to me.

    Email and other protocols navigate a series of computers and devices in the
    course of making their way across the web. What you're seeing in the headers
    is part of that trail. I'd be more concerned about any email attachments,
    particularly .exe's.

    You can always do a local or online scan for spyware or viruses.
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    I'm completely new to this site and I'm not extremely knowledgable about computers. Here's my problem: I, my business, and 2 board members involved in this business (board for non-profit) were visciously attacked on Craigslist. Of course I got the run around from them and the city attorney said they wouldn't do anything. If I have proof of who it is (already know who, but need that peice of paper confirming it) something can be done. When she posted her recent 2 posts she of course used the anonymous email feature. I tried responding and got nothing back from surprise. So, in laymans terms, how do I track the original source/email that these were sent from? One post is still active, the other is not. I have the post ID's and both anonymous addresses. Can someone please help???

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    In simple laymen's terms - you can't do anything without Craigslist's help. Even then it can be tough.

    Is this person expressing an option that we're all entitled to do?

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