Just wanted to post this as advice to anyone out there.
If you call your ISP, and they say you don't have service through them, and your internet works, let it slide!

We have 2 office that were using a wireless ISP, 1 of the offices switched to another ISP. Well, both locations were on the same account, and they just disconnected the one office that switched, and deleted the account information, leaving office #2 with internet service still working. Well here we are 7 months later, and the office called the ISP asking for some information about something or another. The ISP said, "you don't have internet through us".

Well, after the ISP started digging, they realised their mistake. As of today, we are getting billed again, but hey, free service for 7 months aint a bad deal!

Wish they'd have called here first with questions :x