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Thread: Cisco VPN question

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    Cisco VPN question

    I was posed this question and I'd like to know what you think.

    A customer network has one internet connection with one Cisco pix 501. They have two VPN tunnels configured: one is for remote clients and one is a site to site. The client are dished out a range of IPs that reside on the network proper (carved out of the DHCP range), say The site to site gives access to the network.

    the question is: Can the remote VPN users access the network directly or would they have to hop from one of the internal machines? In other words can I tunnel in and then out the same interface? I'm thinking not so much.

    Let me know if the description is too vague or if you need other information.
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    Yes, you can. The VPN tunnel end point is actually a "virtual" interface. You can route traffic between these virtual interfaces. Doesn't matter if they use the same physical interface to communicate with the outside world.
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