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Thread: how to hack using ip

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    how to hack using ip

    one of my friends recently hacked into my pc.............we chat usually on yahoo messenger and i have managed to trace his ip..........i want to teach him a lesson but i have no idea how to hack into his pc using his ip address...........could someone plzzzzz tell new to hacking...........plzzzzzz help......

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    Nice friends you have

    as for helping............nope.

    What you are proposing is illegal.

    as for your machine...I would ensure you have a firewall on, up to date av, and all the latest OS patches to help prevent further "hacks".

    Oh yeah and dont accept any files from your "friends"

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    What She^said.

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    He is a She, JP


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    Shoulda known from the name (D'OH!)

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    he\she doesnt matter...

    we can be whomever we want to be

    arent we all "its" on the interweb

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Do I have to change it again?

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    OK I'm in one of my moods so I will tell you how to hack.

    First get your friend to create a direct connection from his computer to yours.

    Second Using this connection - upload a program that will record all keyboard hits and mouse clicks. Get a good one that takes screen shots every now and then and emails those to you.

    Third look for the screen shots of login boxes and check for usernames and passwords.

    That's one way.

    Another way is to sneak into your friends house when he's not home and run some forensic tools on his pc

    Another neat way is to burn a program that "calls home" to a CD or put it on a USB stick. Write something like HAX0RS Tool Kit or something of the sort on the label. Leave the CD where your friend can find it.

    Once he inserts the media, your phone home software will be installed.

    Hey anyone, did I forget anything?

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    How to Hack A Computer 101 (take notes):

    1) Buy axe
    2) Go to said friend's house with axe
    3) Swing axe with great strength at the computer

    Congradulations, you have now hacked a computer.

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    Hello, diamondindirt, and welcome to AO.

    For personal reasons, I have decided to be "Mr. Niceguy". This is most unusual for me, but, as I said; it is for personal reasons.

    You say that you want to be a "hacker"?

    im new to hacking...........plzzzzzz help......
    Actually, I think that you really mean "cracking", which is compromising security. "Hacking" is having knowledge such that one can achieve performance beyond specifications and devise work-arounds........... that takes a few years of dedication.

    Trust me my friend; I wrote my first program in 1970............. somehow I don't think you were even born then?

    To cut to the chase............... you have an IP address?........... sure that will be the one your adversary used (unless they spoofed it), but is it the one they have now?

    For example, if I were to log out and in again, my ISP would give me a new ID and my one might be given to the director of the secret service....... do you see my point?...... you may attack the wrong target and bring hellfire and damnation down on your own head.

    Forget it!

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