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Thread: Can't install drivers in WinXP

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    Exclamation Can't install drivers in WinXP

    Greetings. I recently purchased a new machine and installed and old hard drive to this machine. The HD have WinXP installed and a bunch of specific software (construction related). I basically just plugged the old HD to the new machine, and I wanted to install the drivers of the new MB but I am having troubles doing that.
    I downloaded the drivers, and I tried to installed them but it gives me these errors (the errors are in spanish, the followings messages are translations made by myself):

    Intel Chipset driver (inf): The aplicattion couldn't be started, because it have a wrong configuration. Reinstalling the application could solve the problem.

    Video driver: Error 0 running command. .\Setup.exe -overwrite -s (this error was given when unpacking with Winzip)

    Audio driver: setup.exe is not a Win32 valid application.

    LAN driver: Installer can't find Atheros L2 controller on your system.

    My Specs:

    MainBoard (MB): Biostar 945GC-M7 TE

    Processor: Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz

    OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

    PD: Biostar driver download page:

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    Does your machine have a new HDD? or are you adding the old one as the only HDD?

    At this point, the first thing I would look for is the latest BIOS for your motherboard

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    I am using the old HDD as the only one.

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    Simple...quit trying to use an operating system installed on the old harddrive hooked to the new machine...reinstall winders...XP tends to like being installed on a fresh system instead of just being booted up and finding out the hardware that the operating system was first installed using has changed all of a sudden. Winders 2000 didn't mind so much...but XP seems to balk a lot at that proposition. Just do a fresh install of XP and you should find that everything will work(perhaps after drivers are installed) as expected. Of course I must stress you back up any files that may be on the old hdd, do a full format with a new partition table and maybe even a new boot sector and then just put XP back on...if I have spoken mistakenly or errored in any way with my opinion, I apologize in advance and wish to correct it as soon as possible...

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    Is it possible to swap the HDD back to the old system. Download and install the drivers for the new system and then put the HDD back in the new system?
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    At the end of the day Win XP will probably go ballistic unless it is a retail version (not OEM or corporate licence). It is all part of MS's DRM/anti-piracy thingy.

    From your MoBo I see that we are talking about a desktop, so why not just get a new hard drive, install XP on it then slave the old drive.

    OK, you will have to change the access paths to your specialist software and recreate the icons on your desktop, but that will be a lot less grief than trying to get what you are doing to work.

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    Thanks a lot for your recommendations. I will buy a new HDD and slave the old one.

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