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    A Discussion Maker

    I am an assimilationist...

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    Good discussion.

    O.G at A.O

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    maker disscussion a

    resistance is futile.
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    I am Anti-Racist

    I look towards a future of one racial discrimination...that would be nice for a few other subjects as well...but then you start encroaching upon the idea of a robotic existence. In that aspect, humanity has always been flawed...we need differences to be individuals...however, differences are also what drive humans to hate, despise and destroy each other. No more is this apparent than with the advent of the internet does not need millions nay billions of tax-payer dollars to research and develop weapon systems. One must only have the means of procuring use of a computer hooked into this massive array of servers. Then with an anti-social malign-bent attitude...the intelligent person will pick up on the means to begin an obliteration of whatever (internet-related) they deem fit at that time. Stupid kids, scripts are for users. (That last bit I have no clue about, it sounded funny just now.)
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