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Thread: ISO Network Security Standard

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    ISO Network Security Standard

    Does anyone have any information on the forthcoming international standard (ISO 27011)? The only information I can find is here:

    The ISO website itself doesn't really help.

    Specifically, will it contain 'standards', such as suggested controls, or will it be a more waffly ISO 9000 managerial thing? Has anyone seen a draft copy (which apparently have been circulated)?

    Perhaps I will have to wait, but if anyone has any info, could you post it here?


    PS:I think this is the most appropriate category for the question. It cooul dhave been placed in several.

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    Hello Mack3, and welcome to AO.

    I would say that you posted in exactly the right forum, although I do appreciate your rather "nice" distinction that this is a "standard" rather than a "regulation"

    I cannot help you right now as I am not working with anyone to whom it might apply at the moment. Today is a public holiday so I cannot contact any of my sources............ I will try to get back by the end of the week.


    My bet: If it is an ISO it will be all waffle and BS............... never seen one that wasn't


    The standard itself provides guidelines and principles
    "Ipse dixit"?

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    It will be a guideline standard, like iso 27002, which means that it will be a large paper telling you that you should do something but then again you may not want to, and it is best if you decide how to...

    I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of the draft (unsuccessfully so far)
    If someone has the draft, send me a personal message, I would appreciate if you could share the document

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    It still seems to be in progress at 30 May 2008:

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    ISO 27001

    Hi MacK3,

    This is still in draft and ready to be published. (stage 60 as of yesterday)
    The most recent version I know of is the ITU-T X.1051 (07/2004)
    this has just been withdrawn from the ITU site but you might get it with cached pages. Alternatively contact me off line and I can send a copy of the pdf to you directly, or, wait a few weeks !!! and it should become available.

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