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Thread: lost and searching

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    lost and searching

    my name is tedob1. i opened a new account using a zero instead of a 'o'.

    a few months ago my brain gave me the finger and blew up a blood vessel taking a fair portion of my memory in the process but left no physical impairments so it's all good except for not being able to work

    is there an admin here willing to help me get my old account back. i lost all my passwords and can't recall what Email address i used. thank god i remembered ntpass or my computers would probly still be down.

    HT.... i promise not to be too american right wing for ya not asking for all this in a hardware store am i? (H/B) hows life in dallas going?

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    Good to have you back, Ted - sorry to hear about your misfortune!

    Nope, no hardware store here... just good ole' Antionline! Things are great in Dallas, thanks! I don't think I'll ever get used to the humidity here, but other than that: no complaints whatsoever

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