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Thread: Muslims speak out against extremists

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    Exclamation Muslims speak out against extremists

    With the Muslim community taking a stand against the extremists, it does show that most true Muslim believers are for peace and the terrorists are simply attempting to justify their self-indulgent narcissism at the cost of innocent victims. Read more...

    Thought/Comments appreciated...

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    Well frpeter,

    I do not know of any major religion that actually preaches violence.

    Violence seems to go hand in hand with politics rather than religion.

    I just look at the statistics. There are just over 1 billion Muslims, so, if Islam is a religion of violence, how come things are so quiet?

    I believe that what we find alien is the concept of suicide bombing? Well, i think that you will still be able to find US Navy veterans of WWII who will tell you about Japanese Kamikaze pilots? It's a cultural thing perhaps? The Japanese would be Shintoist or Bhuddist I believe?

    Just a thought.

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    Good points. I ask the question because there are many that belive silence is acceptance and there isn't a strong voice against the extremists. Here is one example.

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