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Thread: AVG 8 OMG!

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    So, for example, if you use Google and pull up 10 sites per page and look at 5 pages, you will visit 50 sites, most of which you are probably not interested in. This will use your bandwidth and your IP address. Responding to the visit uses the websites' bandwidth and increments their visit counter.
    This technology is so cool! Now all they need is to make is recursive

    I guess they'll have to file it under "it seemed like a good idea at the time"
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    Well some improvements have been made

    You may have noticed that if you looked at the scan results with the first public release version you got a clean bill of health (I hope!) and a number of "warnings" (197 in my case). These were obviously false positives, and I would guess it was picking up some other application's pattern file entries?

    Anyway, that has now been fixed.

    I was also getting an error with the update manager, which I attributed to AVG trying to check for updates before I had established an internet connection.

    This fixed it:

    <Advanced Settings>
    <Virus Database Update Schedule>

    Task Settings: Check: "Enable This Task"

    Other Update Settings: Check: "Run the update again as soon as the internet connection is available"

    Then do the exact same for <Program Update Schedule>

    Of course, if you are disciplined, you could turn off automatic updating?

    I have noticed that the scheduled scan seems to be less resource aggressive than v. 7.5 I used to experience a discernible slow down with that version both on XP SP2/3 and Win 2000 SP4.
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    Just an update to what started this...

    Looks like AVG "fixed" the problem...

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    mmm.....Pirated Avatar's.


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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to pull this up after being dorment for so long but I couldnt help but notice AVG creating a tick next to each hit I got after a google search.

    I thought this was fixed? Isn't this going to eat my works BW? 0_o.
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    I don't know man, AVG8 just annoyed me so much I uninstalled it. I run Comodo, and that's it as far as real time. I use SpywareBlaster adn run Malwarebytes and HiJackThis. I've stopped running all other AV on my PC since they have all turned in to an invasive Norton-type AV. AVG used to be my favorite for so long and now it is so invasive I removed it. I am still testing clean without it, so...

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