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Thread: Has AO gone downhill?

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    felt compelled to write

    hi everyone i caught the begining of this thread , i felt compelled to write this , when ever you have anything where people are involved and people come and go things are going to change over the years because people change , in the end its a human mind and a human soul operating the computer change is a byproduct of that wether its good or bad i dont know all i do know is i find this site very useful and i always enjoy sharing my knowledge
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    FYI before reading this post please realize I did not spend any time whatsoever reading any but the first post of this thread. Seems a waste of time. I'll not be insulted if you skip my post.

    "Downhill" is a subjective term. As professionalism has increased, the willingness to openly discuss those topics this site was initially intended to invite has declined. So too has the amount of original content injection. The goals set forth by new administration years ago has resulted in the site becoming nothing more than a glorified, heavily moderated tech support forum. I'll say no more. Feel free to disagree.

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    Well look at the Homebrew computer club. They functioned REALLY well and did something that was neat. They had basically an entire room of people interested in this stuff, who freely exchanged info about it and problem solving, and spent the time doing that, and then after some of those guys (like Woz) started companies, less and less was exchanged because they couldn't talk about new products because a competitor could be in the audience and steal ideas.

    That's why "professional" and "helpful" don't always mix. Who is going to spend a lot of time and money on something and risk it being stolen?

    Bill Gates wrote something very close to that to those guys when he got mad they were sharing software and ripping off BASIC. Which also said who could spend years on a product and distribute it for nothing. Of course TWO people answered him on that; Richard Stallman, and Linus Torvalds.

    There isn't anything NEAR that happening here. No one is giving away secrets about their company, so obviously the "problem" is from something else.

    My guess? People don't make topics about much that's actually interesting to get users to respond to it, so instead people have to back pedal this do nothing behavior by helping others out with tech support problems to feel justified in being here and being helpful.

    If you want stuff to pick up here, post something that isn't boring or old news, and make it so you get replies to it to discuss it.

    Simply posting a link to something and saying "Look at that, discuss it" isn't really good bait to make people want to talk about it, you have to craft words together to incite someone to want to reply.

    If you post something about a new exploit, for example, even if it's just a rumor and nothing has been checked yet, and you talk about it and even ask about it, you may spark a little interest, more so than just saying "This exploit is being talked about is it real?".

    I've been busy as crap with college and other things around my area of life, so I haven't had as much time to pop on here, but when I do, I generally don't see the huge amounts of activity that should be here. The owners even went as far as offering cash for good tutorials, and people COMPLAINED about it. The same people were the ones saying there wasn't anymore incentive to write good ones now because APs were gone and you couldn't get your name on a list on the front page anymore. Apparently those people thought it was more important to be on the front page than to get cash.... I don't quite understand all that, but none the less, that's what I see.

    Any proof in my point can be taken from this thread with 5 full pages of people talking about AO problems, and threads that could rectify the situation getting one or two replies... Neat huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    There are those "senior members" () who would try to tell you that AO has deteriorated since JP left, and all the usually related BS.

    I just happened across this, and can tell you that it is typical of that era:

    Just go through the whole thread, be in awe of the professionalism and security content........... and the rest of the whingers bollix............

    All I can suggest is that at that moment in time AO had reached rock bottom and started to dig?

    There are many, many, similar examples

    In fact, well, in my opinion............. which is better than fact (isn't it? ) AO has improved considerably over the years.

    And before you ask, no, I don't get paid to post here............... hell they don't even pay for the envelopes and the typewriter ribbons.......... not even for the corn for my damn carrier pigeons

    Only 6 years ago folks................... the World, the internet and AO have moved on?
    can't believe it's been 6 years... everything has definitely changed a great deal. It's odd how familiar everything was here. I think we all miss those days.

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    Several months and 18-odd pages long ago, JP-Nyc asked 'what can we do to fix it?'. The members answered, including me, who offered up "Shoot every other moderator."

    My idea, of course, was rejected.

    What really got fixed?

    Nuff said, I'll go back to my cave and wait until the site either dies or gets fixed.
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

    Which coder said that nobody could outcode Microsoft in their own OS? Write a bit and make a fortune!

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    Shooting every other moderator...will it be alphabetically?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Negative
    Shooting every other moderator...will it be alphabetically?
    Nope drawing straws should do the trick.

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    I don't think the site has gone downhill, it's more a case of people moving on and no longer being interested in what the site was about. It's similar to one of the Linux magazines which I've been a reader of for 7+ years - I feel it's gone downhill recently with simple articles about how to install Ubuntu, running Apache, PHP and MySQL etc., but actually it's more that I've already learnt most of that stuff, and so the magazine feels like it's no longer of any use to me.

    I think the site was more of a community before Jupiter Media took over - probably because the rules were a bit more relaxed, nobody bothered too much about staying on topic and there were few, if any, advertisements (I hate Flash adverts, doubly so when they play sounds automatically upon the page loading). On the other hand, as someone who checks in occasionally from time to time, I don't think the site is any worse off now - the only reasons I don't visit very often are because a lot of the people I used to talk to have left the site, and there's more of a focus on security which I'm not an expert on.

    As for shooting every other moderator, so long as you leave Gore to wind everyone up and Negative to correct my many mistakes - sure, go ahead.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    Has AO gone downhill?
    Yes, and no.

    When I joined it was a fairly active the time the most active forum was cosmos, mostly discussing the latest topic involving recent war events...

    then people started to leave...

    slowly at first, regular people would start disappearing for weeks at a time...some months...some never came back...

    why? because of gore...sorry gore but when you were modded this was AO's first mistake...there were at least a dozen people better qualified and less volatile than you at the time...if I remember correctly you at the time had several conflicts with members, primarily of the female persuasion, always talking about drugs, and making up stories about how you were going to die and such...

    not exactly mod material...

    I'm assuming that this set a few people they were passed by for the position in favor of someone they saw as a bad choice...


    came the modding of Nihil...which I promoted and endorsed at the time...but then a lot of members became annoyed at what they saw was Nihil power-tripping...personally I don't think it was power-tripping as much as it was that Nihil forgot his friends...he changed...and everyone saw it...

    those two things started the exodus of members...

    then...the so-called necessary upgrade...was the straw that broke the camels back.

    It isn't that the site has gone downhill...the problem is that there were 3 periods where we saw a mass exodus of regular members caused primarily by the 3 incidents stated above.

    The very few remaining members that are still here and posting regularly may disagree...but I doubt the ones who left would.

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    Oh...and for the had nothing to do with TAZ...if the members had been happy here the TAZ would not have been created or populated...TAZ was the cure not the cause.

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