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Thread: Oops, posted in roll call original time.. :)

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    Hey everyone, it's been awhile.

    Hello everyone I hope all is well. It's been about 3 years id say since i'd touched base with technology and computer security, and this website for that matter. I'm not here to qualify myself or to explain why I dropped out of the community. All I want is maybe some fire under my ass on where to start again. I remember learning so much back then, and having so much fun. I feel like technology and the security world has taken so many leaps and bounds in the last 3 years, that I would be screwed to start again. (Bad mindset I know) I have a bit of history with *nix systems, and networking. Never learned too much programming. But i have the desire again to start. It's been so long i'm looking at my past posts from 3 years ago and don't even remember learning the content I had been talking about (wow). But with the ripe mind of 21 years old, I guess it wont hurt to start again. Any guidance by you guys would be appreciated, i tried wording this the best i could.

    Cheers, good to be back
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    Greetings Steve.

    Good to see you back. It is always nice to see older member's return.

    I just want to let you know that i felt that your Thread would be better here in "Roll Call".

    Thus i have moved it, and i also have taken the liberty of sending you a "PM" also letting you know.


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