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Thread: Google to release browser

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    Google to release browser

    Keep an eye on - today (at 6PM GMT), Google's own browser ("Chrome") should be available through that link.

    Here's an article on the pending release:

    Here's the comic book (!?!) that accompanies the release:,M1

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    Too late!

    However, by posting in "security news" you did manage (by implication) to get Google and "security" almost in the same sentence.

    Given their track record for respecting customer privacy I consider that to be quite a feat!

    So, what information is this crap going to collect and send back to the mothership? to be stored forever and a day

    If you want my trust you have to earn it............... Google has one hell of a way to go yet.

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    Im using Chrome right now. Its an interesting take on how a web browser should be designed. At first glance, it seems somewhat featureless, but I am quite sure that Google was intending for the browser to be that way. For a company building some of the most powerful web based applications today, it makes sense to take some of the complexity out of the tool being used to view the sites. Too soon to make my mind up yet, but my eye has been caught.

    Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes for the first exploit to be released?

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    Has anyone done any sniffing to see what is sent home to Google? (I'm thinking that since they make their cash off of clicks and hits..)
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    Damn this is a nice clean and simple browser.

    and from what i've experienced so far it loads up quicker then ie and ff3, and displays pages a lot quicker also.

    Hopefully there will be other tiny features available in the future, but at the moment im really enjoying this Browser.

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    Hopefully will get to see the mac and linux versions soon.

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    The multiprocess approach to browsing is interesting, it was really the only thing that interested me in Chrome. I have only used it for a couple hours but haven't managed to crash a tab to see if it really works the way they said it would. But I have run into a couple of bugs, one is that it can get really weird when your typing text into a text box, for some reason it doesn't display it properly and will overwrite text when in reality its still there.

    On the security side of things, I noticed they have a save user/passwords feature but its completely open and cannot be locked by a master password. So even if your browser is closed, anyone can open it up and just click "show password" and look at any of the saved passwords you have in plain text. At least in FF3 you have the option to lock it with a "master" password.

    Also, I've had some trouble with it on some ssl logins where it doesn't send the password correctly.

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    Using it right now. I'm impressed so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwk9
    Hopefully will get to see the mac and linux versions soon.
    I think i read earlier it was meant to be 4months away or something like that, i'll try to dig up the page i read it on.

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