I have 2 accounts in a site. It has a place for changing passes.
There, your username, password and email can
all be seen in 3 uneditable boxes but pass is in asterix and as I said it can't be edited there.
After you confirm to change your pass, you will go to
another page that you must enter your old pass and new one twice.
In the first page I just talked about that the pass is in
asterix, I tried some "asterix password show applications" and
even Cain. But the pass is not shown. (Maybe I used Cain in a wrong way..not sure)
The pass can be copied and even accesses in page source but all
in asterix. I copied it into a windows dialup screen and then again used cain. This time cain showed the pass but in asterix.

One of my passes has 10 digits and the number of asterix is 10...
The pass of my second account has 11 digits and still the number of asterix is 10...maybe it's a kind of encryption...any idea?

Is there any way I can see my pass that's in asterix?