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Thread: British Army Records Lost

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    British Army Records Lost

    If you are going to be incompetent on this astronomical of a level, at least practice some form of encryption. Ridiculous.

    Ministers are understood to be "furious" at the development and insistent that it is resolved as quickly as possible.

    Downing Street described the loss of the data as "regrettable".

    It is only the latest information security breach to hit the MoD.

    In July it admitted 658 of its laptops had been stolen over the past four years and 26 portable memory sticks containing classified information had been either stolen or misplaced since January.
    Full Story:
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"


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    So, yet another normal day in British Government?

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    OMG how did a thumb drive get stolen, those things are so huge it must have been some massive operation to steal them... Ugh I dont feel sorry for them, anyone who keeps sensitive data on a notebook or THUMBDRIVE is a dink. Yes a dink. :-P

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    It probably wasn't a thumb drive. The standard HDD in a removable mounting/drive bay is still pretty popular amongst the military. You are supposed to lock them in a designated secure cabinet when not in use, so you shouldn't be able to "misplace them"

    EDS? suspicions confirmed?

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