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Thread: Opera 9.6 Get Some.

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    Post Opera 9.6 Get Some.

    It's new and it's Opera, get it!

    Choose your flavour of OS and download and enjoy

    Opera 9.6 for Windows Changelog

    Release Notes

    Opera 9.6 is a recommended security and stability upgrade. See the Security section.

    A separate changelog listing changes since Opera 9.6 Beta 1 is available.
    New and improved features in Opera 9.6
    Opera Link

    Custom search engines and typed history (typed history is only the history you explicitly type or select from the address bar) are now joining bookmarks, notes, personal bar and Speed Dial in Opera Link.
    Opera Mail
    Feed Preview

    Now you can preview an RSS/Atom feed before subscribing.
    Follow/Ignore threads and contacts

    Follow and Ignore are new features for users that receive numerous messages. It makes it easier to dismiss unimportant messages and easier to recognise important messages.
    Activate this feature by selecting Follow/Ignore in the email context menu (or click the message subject header), then select either Follow Thread or Ignore Thread.
    Also, you can click the names in the From or To headers to enable the following or ignoring of contacts.
    Go To Thread

    You can now also use "Go to thread" which means that you can view only the messages from that thread. This is useful for those that employ flat view.
    Low Bandwidth Mode

    Low Bandwidth Mode is a setting on mail accounts that makes Opera Mail use as little bandwidth as possible.
    For IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): Opera will only synchronise new messages and it will not fetch message attachments unless requested
    For POP (Post Office Protocol): Opera will not fetch more than the first 100 lines of a message unless requested
    Opera Scroll Marker

    The new Opera Scroll Marker makes it easier to continue reading when you scroll through a Web page. At the end of the page it will indicate the previous position of the bottom of the screen so you can easily see where to continue reading.

    Enable Opera Scroll Marker in the Preferences dialog box. Navigate to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Browsing > Show scroll marker (check box).
    Check the box to enable Opera Scroll Marker
    Leave the box unchecked (default) to keep it disabled

    Using the opera:config Preferences Editor opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableScrollMarker, you can also set Opera Scroll Marker to show every time you scroll less than a full page down or up. The options in the drop-down menu are:

    1. - 0 — off
    2. - 1 — show when reaching the bottom or top of the page
    3. - 2 — always show when scrolling

    Changes since Opera 9.52

    User Interface:

    Opera now remembers the bookmark panel position after restart
    Added a setting opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowBookmarksInAddressfield Autocompletion to prevent bookmarks from showing in the Address field auto-completion drop-down
    When setting opera:config#TransferWindow|KeepEntriesDays to 0, Opera now removes the transfer history when restarting
    Sites using HTTP Auth are now saved in typed history
    Opera now stops loading pages with iframes when closing the page or pressing stop
    Page encoding in site preferences can now be reset to automatic
    Browsing Intranet sites now works after changing proxies in a running session
    Improvements to Opera Link include the synchronization of search engines and typed history
    Changed the default global history to 1000
    Added a new default speedial.ini
    Fixed sorting by progress in Transfers
    Fixed copying of multiple entries from the history manager
    Fixed a bug that could cause notes to be lost when using certain characters
    Fixed dataloss situation when note folders had more than one line in their name
    Fixed spurious highlighting when using the space character in inline find
    Fixed an issue that would prevent links in frames from being opened by the keyboard
    Mail, News, Chat
    Added popular Chinese providers in mailproviders.xml
    Made all top-level access points (except All Messages) selectable
    Now copes better with broken POP servers that send empty UIDLs
    The "Large font" setting is now respected for subjects
    Cache files from feeds no longer show up in Transfers
    Feeds are now detected even when served as text/html
    Fixed the synchronization of removed labels for IMAP accounts
    Fixed an issue where the signatures wouldn't change if the default account signature ended with a space
    Fixed an issue where sent message bodies could disappear under certain circumstances
    Fixed DCC transfers in IRC
    Display and Scripting
    Improved Acid3 support: The document property has been removed from iframe objects for compatibility with Gecko, WebKit, and the Acid3 test
    Added support for the caller property on functions:
    Special characters are now displayed properly in the Address bar drop-down
    Opera Dragonfly element highlighting no longer stays on the page after closing the developer tools window
    Script focused elements are no longer highlighted
    Fixed saving of SVG when right clicking
    Fixed an issue where custom search engines would not get a favicon
    Verisign and Comodo are now formally EV-enabled: see Yngve's blog post
    Fixed an issue where specially crafted addresses could execute arbitrary code, as reported by Chris of Matasano Security; see our advisory
    Java applets can no longer be used to read sensitive information, as reported by Nate McFeters; see our advisory
    Added the Opera Core version (currently "Presto/2.1.1") to the User Agent header
    Improved performance with large wand.dat files
    Fixed Fast Forward on Google search results pages
    Windows-specific changes
    Fixed a bug where network paths that start with \\ would not work, which in particular caused issues with sent mail when storing profiles on network drives
    Fixed installation problems on Windows NT 4.0
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    Fixed installation problems on Windows NT 4.0

    M$ haven't managed to do that yet with IE7?

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    You know, for a long time I've advocated Opera as my browser of choice, but ever since 8 came out I have been having more and more problems with it. Opera needs to get rid of the fluff it's been packing on in the latest releases. I mean, who seriosuly needs (or wants) an e-mail client packaged with their browser?

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