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Thread: The Website is down!

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    The Website is down!

    If you haven't seen it you should see this:

    The speed at which some of this is done is rather amazing.
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    LMAO - pretty typical of someone working at a helpdesk actually. That was great!

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    An oldie but always a goodie.

    i found the bit were it shows the dude in the server room. And he carn't hear witch one to reboot rather amusing.

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    I have played this for every tech I know, seen it a million times. Gawd, but it is awesome.

    Two day before I watched it another tech was trying to show me someting on our BDC and instead of logoff after she was done she hit shutdown.

    I yelled:
    "What the hell did you just do! You just shutdown the BDC"
    "NO I didn't I hit logoff!"

    Bmmmmmmmmm pfffft.

    "Oh My God, I guess I did!"

    That part in the server room cracks me up...

    "It's gray on the bottom"
    "It's gray on the bottom"
    "They're all gray!"
    "You just shutdown the Exchange Server!"

    Like a slice out of real life.

    Now when any of us calls each other from the datacenter, there is the background noise and we always yell

    "They're all gray!"

    "What's your asset tag...CHET!"

    We have waaaayyy too much fun at my job.

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