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Thread: Botnet trends changing?

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    Botnet trends changing?

    The infamous botnet has been inactive for nearly a month, which researchers say may signal the demise of Storm as we know it - as well as that of the super-sized botnet
    It looks like the "Storm" botnet is now defunct. Researchers suggest that the latest trend will be for much smaller and more focussed botnets?


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    Wow, end of an era. Wonder how much is due to WinXP boxes getting retired or if there's a "son of storm" waiting in the wings...

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    I would almost bet there is something waiting in the wings.. you know the saying
    Its always quiet just before the storm

    sorry realy bad pun.. but I could not resist
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    Hey netbus is still out there.

    Google Cache page - stay off the live server at tcp-info

    I believe Storm has out lived it's usefulness. It's not dead and will never go away.

    Seeing how netbus (created in 98) is still available and discussed every now and then. I figure in 2018 someone will be asking "Hey anyone ever heard of Storm Botnet"? and "WTF is a BOTNET"?

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    Didn't they arrest quite a few of them not too long ago? Hence the silence?

    Quote Originally Posted by phernandez View Post
    Wonder how much is due to WinXP boxes getting retired or if there's a "son of storm" waiting in the wings
    People are stupid (read: naive, curious, greedy) and will click on anything. Changing the OS will not change that.
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    Hey netbus is still out there.
    Nope. Put that on a machine and guarantee you a worm will use the master password, install itself, then delete netbus.

    However, most web based shells have been around almost as long and are still being used.

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    Not like it used to be! c99 & r57 are still hot as always though.

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