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Thread: USB stop during xp install

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    Im having this same problem installing XP Pro SP3...

    The keyboard and mouse work perfectly throughout the light blue install screens/partition screens, and while booting up, but at about the same time mark during the install, 33-34 mins, really @ the Regional and Language Settings menu the keyboard and mouse lights go off, and stop responding...

    heeeelp lol

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    Check the usb settings in the BIOS.

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    Problem solved =)

    Hiya =)

    Sat over here in Sweden and tried to install a gaming optimized stripped version of XP x86 SP3, 350MB lol xD

    Ran into the exactly identical issue like you; USB Keyboard and mouse working like a charm during XP partitioning and the file transfer phase; after first boot, however, and the installation launches where u see the countdown timer for installation time left and such, the power to the keyboard and mouse go out. Well I got pretty pissed, had no adapter for USB-PS2 here at my gf, 110km away from home. And of course no PS/2 mice/keyboard.

    Reformated, didn't help even a little ****.

    Started looking around for a solution, and couldn't find anyone, this forum hadn't anyone at least =)

    I were away from my stationary computer for about 10-15 minutes (while the XP installation was on) and thought that I should reboot my comp and go into BIOS to look around for some handy USB support options.

    Were quite surprised to notice that the mice and keyboard all of a sudden had started to work o.O' Weird. Well, I guess it should work for you too, if you haven't been able to borrow PS/2 stuff yet Always fun to report "solved" issues

    EDIT: Had to reinstall XP again since the drive letters were messed up; this time it didn't work to wait for USB devices to "wake". However, if I moved the mouse around, and pressed some buttons on keyboard right when the XP installation starts after first reboot, they didn't die on me.

    EDIT no2: I actually had to hard reboot the tin can after it wants to input user name; only after that will the mouse pointer show up on entry of installation, and u can move around the pointer. Hope someone understands me xD
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    Another possibility would be to get something like nLite and create an unattended setup CD.

    With an unattended setup you wouldn't need the mouse and keyboard?

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