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Thread: We're not dumping them; we'll just treat them like crap until they go away

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    We're not dumping them; we'll just treat them like crap until they go away

    We're not dumping them; we'll just treat them like crap until they go away.

    nVIDIA is flat out denying that they will be dumping all but six of their resellers, at least when asked by The Inquirer. That isn't really going to change ECS and the other companies bottom line much however. nVIDIA cards are sitting on store shelves, but are not being purchased. Their high end cards are faster, but also more expensive than AMD's offerings and the huge glut of sub-$200 and even sub-$100 cards available means that their market share is falling there as well. A little FUD from the heat failure seen in certain Dell laptops gets added to the mix and suddenly these second teir partners are really having trouble selling these cards. nVIDIA isn't dropping them altogether, but you can bet they will be last to get the new chips and probably end up with boards that don't help if they try to sell factory overclocked models.

    "NVIDIA HAS CATEGORICALLY denied rumours it will be slashing suppliers. "It is absolutely untrue" said Nvidia spinner Luciano Alibrandi, of our earlier report that the firm might be about to axe five partners.
    The denial flies in the face of confirmation from industry sources who specifically told the INQ Nvidia partner reductions were happening, but were being kept on the down-low.
    The fact of the matter is, most Nvidia partners just can’t sell enough cards at the moment, a situation which is hurting them financially.
    So this should be good news to second-tier makers like Foxconn Electronics, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), Biostar Microtech, Club3D and Albatron Technology, who were all rumoured to be getting the chop.

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    NVIDIA seem to make decent low end and medium cards................. work OK with Vista and all.

    I cannot see what they would gain from dumping third parties using their chipsets................ they probably don't sell them "sale or return"? so they get paid for them? What the OEM charges afterwards isn't really their problem?

    Now, they might want to have "preferred partners" for higher end chipsets and to deal with particular vendors in specific markets, but apart from that, they would surely be working against their own interests as I see it?

    Seems very strange to me............. If you can't sell enough NVIDIA cards you dump them, not the other way round?
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    Maybe they can sort out the naming convention for the cards to while their at it. Computer parts have always been horrible for naming conventions but Nvidia has to be one of the worse. Release 20 version of the same card all with GTS,GSO,GT,GTX,Ultra stuck on the end then stick new names on old cards and re-release them.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Maybe they can sort out the naming convention for the cards to while their at it.
    Amen to that!!!

    Not only cards but the models from OEM computer manufacturers............ IBM/Lenovo "Thinkpads" come to mind?

    That's what happens when you let marketing types take precedence over engineers

    I won't even mention the naming conventions for malware

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    I have no problems with Nvidia, and that would be putting it mildly. I won't buy ANY video card that isn't Nvidia. Flat out. I like being able to use more than Windows when I buy something, and when it comes to using UNIX, it's Nvidia, or nothing... I know some people think ATI is great, but when you're setting up a machine where you want actual 3D and performance, and you aren't a user of Windows, it just doesn't cut it.

    Here is a great example:

    My Wife likes ATI cards. She has a machine with an ATI X1900 in it that costed almost 500 dollars. Currently this machine, with that card, and a gig of RAM and a 64bit processor, is sitting under a desk doing nothing. Why? Because the video card is barely working after hardly 2 years of use.

    The video card in it is going bad already, and when using Linux, getting actual 3D means trying to get their crap drivers to work. When you download the driver, first off, it doesn't matter if you selected 64 bit, or 32 bit, the only difference I noticed was the directory on the ATI server it came from. The name is the same, and as far as I can tell from looking, the driver is the exact same. And installing it pops up error after error.

    Now normally I might think it was some weird problem, but when you're installing a fresh copy of Linux and everything is supported and you have the right driver, and it not only doesn't work but says it won't even install... Seriously now.

    With Nvidia? Easy, grab the driver, install restart X if it was loaded, done. Just of course making sure that you checked to see what card you have and which version works with that card. Easy.

    Not only that but Nvidia actually makes their drivers for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

    I have a laptop here with Linux and it doesn't matter which distro I use, I grab the driver for my card, which given that my card is a bit old, I use the older driver for it, and just save it on my FTP server, which has two versions of drivers, one for the laptop, and one for a desktop I have here, and another for a card I was using for a bit, and install it, and I'm all done.

    And if I'm using SUSE, or Mandriva, I don't need to, it just works with 3D out of the box. Or I use YAST2 to install it.

    Nvidia makes not only good cards, but cards you can use with an OS that is not Windows or a Mac OS. Any other and you have to try to make ti work, and of course, the fact that Nvidia actually makes those drivers, so you know it's made by people who kn ow the hardware, kind of makes this a very easy answer.

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