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Thread: trojan.zlob help

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    trojan.zlob help

    hey i was tricked into downloading a file to play a video on youtube

    i now have trojan.zlob, i keep getting pop ups directing me to download antivirus software. More annoyingly, on my task bar i constantly get an alert directing me to one of these websites.

    i was using norton internet security but that was unable to detect and deal with this trojan. so i uninstalled it and downloaded the latest version of sophos. i ran this but it did not detect the trojan.zlob. Instead it cleaned trojan-avv(something like that).

    I am still having the same problems. I am using vista. I dont know how to get rid of it

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    Free for manual scanning....

    Buy for realtime protection

    Its my new favorite

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    Malwarebytes rocks, I also use Spybot, and combofix. You just have to run them in tandem, not all together. If you are any good with HiJackThis, it is a very good tool.

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    This sounds like a precurser to AntivirusXP, I believe the smitfraudfix can detect an remove this you just need to run it in safe mode to be sure.

    also you may want to look at this forum it has usefull information in it that could help you out.

    This link here has some info about this trojan, as well as other programs that can detect and remove it

    good luck
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    Meh, I jsut replied on your another post.

    Can an admin close it down.

    Anyway Scan online.
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