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Thread: Microsoft says next Windows won't be as annoying

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    /valley girl accent
    Vista is like, totally, like, the new Windows ME!
    That's exactly how I view most people on the internet. Only it comes across as "z0mg! Liek, liek, liek...."

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    Screens of the build I was using:

    I'm a little busy right now...I'll get to it

    ...of the alpha (semantics, semantics)
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    Just go to and get registered for mailing list ....... you will get the news in ur mail box

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    Heh, thanks, jsut updated my profile to the correct email
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    I was thinking of getting a new computer for my 14 year old daughter.
    She has an older Dell with XP, and I gotta upgrade it eventually. It seems that
    all the new XP boxes have dried up and only Vista is available.
    I tried to talk her into trying Ubuntu, but you know these kids...
    stubborn hidebound and conservative, unwilling to try anything unfamiliar.

    So maybe I'll buy another stick of ram, and format and reinstall,
    put a fresh coat of paint on it.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    That should work fine...thats what I have been doing here. I had to replace some video cards too...sometimes AGPs can be hard to find though...but I did find some.

    The 2 pieces of hardware I found have the most failures are video cards and harddrives.

    anything to not have to buy Vista :-)

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    OK, I know that our pricing structure is different from yours, but unless you bought a top end XP box close to the release of Vista or a box with a free upgrade to at least Home Premium, I really don't see why you would want to "upgrade" to Vista.

    My personal preference is to upgrade the existing machine to run its existing operating system with a better hardware platform. For a new OS I would recommend a new hardware platform.

    AS for hardware failures, I would add PSUs and modems, but I guess that partly depends on the quality of your power supply and frequency of electrical storms.

    To put that in perspective, over here many modems are provided "free" by your ISP, so they really are going to be top of the range aren't they

    Similarly, OEMs do put top quality PSUs in their boxes don't they?


    I think that the upgrading OSes issue is dealt with in that well known IT manual called the Holy Bible...................don't put new wine into old wineskins.

    Seriously though; given that hardware is getting more powerful and operating systems more demanding, upgrading the OS cannot really be expected to give you performance even as good as the original OS that was intended to run on a particular box?
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