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Thread: Which OS do you use for what Purpose

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    im about to triple boot Visa, XP, and Ubuntu. Just havent figured out what edition to go with atm

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    Don't know if you are starting from scratch, but life was a lot easier for me when I realized I should install Ubuntu last. Grub picks up all installations. Windows will rewrite the MBR and you won't be able to get into Ubuntu until you fix it. Not that it's hard, but less annoying.

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    I installed Vista first, then decided not to install XP. At first I did run into some trouble with Ubuntu, but that was an easy fix, thanks to Easy-BCD and my Vista installation disk. All is well

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    i'm surprised just how many OS's some of you are using.

    Personally, i use Win XP in work, when i come home i use Windows 7 Home Premium on both my laptop and PC.

    My PC is a quad core, 4gb 1066mhz OCZ Reaper memory, ATI 5770 1gb GPU etc etc, so it's quite a powerful rig.

    I use Backtrack 4 with VM. I have also been known to try out Ubuntu, Kubuntu, TinyXP etc on VM, but since i have limited knowledge with Linux, i just stick to the Win7 OS's which seem extremely stable and i prefer it to XP (once i've tweaked it to my liking).

    Never used a Mac sadly, i've only used an XP virtual machine within a mac to install software.

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    simplesi, this thread is from 2008. We usually will not continue threads after they haven't been posted to for a month or so. So if you would like to continue the conversation, consider starting a new thread. I'm sure people would be willing to show what OSs they run now, as opposed to two years ago.

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    As Metguru said, MOST of the time, after a thread hasn't been active for like ever, we usually just start a new one up, and go from there. But you're new, and this is the OSs forum, which is mine, and I'm feeling ... Well I'm in a pretty good mood, so, I don't mind if everyone else would like to just continue here.

    I'll start lol:

    Main Machine - Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium super duper something edition, and dual booting with Slackware Linux.

    Test box - FreeBSD 8.1

    FTP / SSH / Web Server - Slackware Linux

    Main Production box (The one I use to make Music, and listen to music, because it has awesome speakers) - Dual booting like this:

    80 GB HD the machine came with has XP Home Edition, and a 10 GB Partition of Fat32.

    160 GB HD I installed - Debian Linux, and 10 GB Fat32 Partition. I'm not sure why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Laptop - Some version of Slackware. It's not actually Slackware, but it's a distro based on it that I've come to like, and it looks so much like Slackware, that I just call it that sometimes. I can't remember the actual name and the CD has it on there, but it's somewhere in my pile - o - OSs lol.

    Basically I'm currently running this on some machine or another:

    Slackware Linux
    Debian Linux
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Windows 7 Whatever edition.... I hate how Microsoft adds so many damn words to a product... It's like OK, Windows NT Home and Windows NT Server, that's fine, and Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows 2000 Server, that's fine too, but son of a bitch do they HAVE to have "Windows 7 64 bit Premium Ultimate Ninja Kick in the balls Edition" or whatever? Seriously lol.

    Anyway, that's what I'm using. I haven't booted up Windows XP in like 8 months or so because...Well, it sucks. And Windows 7 is 100 times better. I totally Love FreeBSD, and I totally Love Slackware, and I totally Love Debian, and I've Loved SUSE Linux for a LONG Time. So I generally only use those. Though some version of Mandriva have been good, and so has some of the stuff based off Slackware.

    I still hate Gentoo, and I still think Ubuntu is a pile of... Well you know lol.

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    xtree up in here...

    well it's not actually connected to the internet, and i'm defiantly not posting from that machine..
    Just like to boot the machine up and play around with "older" technology cause it's fun.

    The machine i'm posting this on is Gentoo boxen, cause i know how much Allen loves Gentoo

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    What is an OS?

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    well im very impressed with windows 7, very powerful.
    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    I have a pc running Debian 5.0.5 lenny and it's sweet!

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