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Thread: video files playing problem

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    sound card is on the board, video card is Nvidia gforce far done memory test, disabled video card, reinstalled video driver, upgraded video driver, moved memory to other slot, disabled few drivers in hardware profile one by one, uninstalled codecs installed divx codecs, so far nothing helps.
    As my computer confections has been so slow last few days i haven't been in a position to do lot of research on net.
    I noticed when i open any video player (used windows media player and divx player)
    and then open any movie then i dont have this blue screen of death).
    All movies are on the C disk and its only disk on this pc (wd 320gb).the C disk is not partitioned.
    will do some work on it tomorrow.will keep you updated.

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    What are the default applications to play stuff if you double click on an item?

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    unvi$ible, I have been dealing with exactly this issue for few months and now finally discovered a way to solve it without format. Install service pack 3 and it will be solved, belive me:

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    rarz and unvi$isble I have also been dealing with the exact same problem for months. I am downloading service pack 3 right now. If it works, thanks alot!!
    Just registrated to this site to say thank you :-)!

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    even if service pack 3 helps the problem i recommend download KLite Codec Pack, thats only codec pack i ever needed to install on my system, also VLC player is a nice choice for a player, it also previews partially downloaded files and plays pretty much any video format.
    O.G at A.O

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    I was going to recommend that too. Alot of people tend to stay away from codec packs, but k lite is pretty solid and comes with a wide variety of codecs to choose from. I would definitely make sure to uninstall previous codecs before installing codec packs. also reboot after you unistall those codecs and then reboot again after you install k lite to make sure previous codecs are completely removed and k lite is completely installed. Just to make sure there are conflicts

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    0. scan harddrive for errors
    1. use disk cleanup to remove expired or left-behind files.
    2. If this is a brand-name system, check to see if they have special Windows XP drivers for your system.
    3. download servicepack 3 from microsoft
    4. or remove MS media player and reinstall

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