Language : VB.Net 2008

I have an interesting puzzle for you. I'm currently running a particular program in a logon script that collects information about the computer and uploads it to a database. I've been working on doing away with the script and am writing a deployment wrapper instead. Currently, the deployment tool just uses psexec to execute the program remotely, and this would work fine except that the program shows the username as being the user running the deployment tool instead of the person at the computer.

So I need to figure out how to run a remote process as a domain admin impersonating the credentials of the domian user logged in locally to the machine without access to that user's password.

Before anyone suggests that I change the program to pull the username from whomever's running explorer.exe, I do not have access to the source of the program, just the deployment tool. I actually tried combining that method with psexec's -u option in the deployment tool, but you still need a password for that to work.