Being more technology oriented I have a harder time with the layout and colors of a page, I guess I am not that creative :-P

If you start using AJAX I strongly suggest using a framework such as mojo or jquery, they are priceless when coding by hand. I dont know why I am rambling nightcat pretty much nailed it.

On the otherside if you are coding ASP, ajax is insanely easy but you do need to know either, c# or one of the other supported object oriented languages. If you know java or C++ already you will find C# VERYYYY easy.

I code in C# everyday and it is easy as hell and pretty effin fast. I still love php though :-) Even in that case you should know html, css, and a little js.

I agree with the databases as well, you may need to learn some SQL (unless you are lazy and use LINQ in VS).