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Thread: Windows 7 Anyone?

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    Windows 7 Anyone?

    You can now download the beta of Windows 7

    You need to set up a Microsoft ID thingy.

    And if past experience is anything to go by, a powerful box (non-production), infinite patience and a masochistic tendency

    Have fun!

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    Have the 32bit installed on a pIII 1.5 with 2gb ram a fancy dancy graphic card, and it is running smooth enough.

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    I installed my copy last night - I'm dual-booting it with Vista, and so far I'm very impressed: seems pretty fast and sturdy.

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    I could not wait to report my findings. I tried to install Windows 7 64-bit. I'm impressed with MS Blue screen; they threw out the useless, nerdy register values and replaced it with a blue screen telling you to remove all equipment and restart in f8 safe mode. F8 does not work!!!!!!!

    Well....This is was tried on 2 DVD's. It will say....Windows is loading files then blue screens -- Machine_check_exception. You have to physically reset the machine.

    I am not impressed with Windows 7. For a microcrap product, I want to be able to ctr-alt-delete to reset the error and start over. It does not give you the option to load special drivers. They must have fired and buried the lead programmer who invited NT 4.0. WindowsXP loads, xp64bit loads, vista loads but this Windows 7 is vapor.

    Good side..................I managed to get 5 product keys since their website is flawed with the Silverlight crap. Microsoft downloads only happen in IE. Sounds like a future classaction lawsuit. Forcing you to use their product.

    I'm gonna bittorrent this crap for the ratio boost.

    Microsoft, your trouble has just begun:

    If you own stock in this company....start shorting.
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    IMn going to DL it tonight, here are direct links, dont think you need a windows live login.
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    That isn't necessary because the beta is free to begin with. Just use one of these official keys:



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    I wanted to try it out but I still have not even touched vista and from what i read, in order to use win7 you have to have vista installed... oh well, maybe later =-/
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    Yeah, I think I'll stick with WIN XP for the next 4 years...Vista is a virus IMO...

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    Heh. Windoze (in general) is a virus IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Negative View Post
    I installed my copy last night - I'm dual-booting it with Vista, and so far I'm very impressed: seems pretty fast and sturdy.
    Does it seem less bloated and faster than vista? I mean that's not hard to beat.

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