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Thread: FYI: Windows 7 Anti-Virus

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    FYI: Windows 7 Anti-Virus

    A handful of anti-virus programs are available if you're kicking the tires on the Windows 7 Beta.

    Anti-Virus Solutions for the Windows 7 Beta- Windows 7 Team Blog

    The following anti-virus solutions are available via Windows 7 Security Provider page:

    - Symantec offers the Norton 360 3.0 Beta which works on the Windows 7 Beta
    - AVG offers AVG Internet Security and AVG Anti-Virus that works with the Windows 7 Beta
    - Kaspersky is offering a technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7.
    Trying Kaspersky. Seems OK if not a bit UAC-like (naggy) for my tastes.
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    I installed Avast on my Windows 7 systems without any problems. It'd be nice to know how compatible Windows 7 is with other AV (AVG, Trend Micro, Panda...?).

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    Windows 7 Beta + McAfee = Bad News

    Consumers downloading and test-driving the new Windows 7 beta are experiencing troubles when attempting to run McAfee Total Protection

    According to this blog, PCs with Windows 7 Beta installed will not be able to run McAfee Total Protection or McAfee Antivirus... at least not at the moment. While the blog entry gave no specifics, the McAfee installer pops up with a warning, saying that the program does not support "the version of Windows installed on this machine." The installer then promptly refers the installer to the product documentation for a list of supported operating systems.
    View the rest over at Toms Hardware

    Well i do hope that this is sorted out, it shouldn't take to long before there's a fix.

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    im using avg. installed really smooth like. no problems here

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    Unfortunately we (panda) haven't got quite compatible with Windows 7. My Dev department is looking into it ...
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