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Thread: Hackers attack credit card processor

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    Hackers attack credit card processor

    A U.S.-based company that processes credit card transactions for more than 250,000 businesses has uncovered a massive security breach, officials said Tuesday.

    New Jersey-based Heartland Payment Systems said malicious software in its processing system was uncovered last week.

    CBC News' Marivel Taruc, who spoke with Baldwin, said authorities suspect Heartland may not be the only company to have been hacked in this operation. Authorities suspect the extent of the breach could be among the largest ever committed.

    "The other concern here [is] cyber experts are saying this could be the biggest breach of credit card fraud online ever because Heartland processes 100 million transactions every month," Taruc said.

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    "There were two elements to it, one of which was a keylogger that got through our firewall," he said. "Then subsequently it was able to propagate a sniffer onto some of the machines in our network. And those are what was actually grabbing the transactions as they floated over our network."

    someone running as admin doubt

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    He added that while investigators considered the possibility that an insider might have been involved, there was no information that suggested any insider involvement
    Yeah, OK and I've got a bridge to sell you.

    The breach was a year ago and we are just finding out about it now. Hmmm.
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    Brennon Slattery at PC World Takes them to task for releasing the news on one of the biggest news days in ages, among other missteps. Hard not to agree.

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    Yes, and we had this slut minister in the new labour government over here, who e-mailed her staff that the day of Lady Diana's death was a "good day to lose bad news"

    Oh for a .308 and a 5 second exposure at 900x................ I would lose some bad news very quickly.

    I think that this will hang on long after Obama's inauguration is forgotten.

    These people just need firing with no pension or compensation. When they go to court ensure that all the jurors are unemployed

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