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Thread: folder access denied

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    folder access denied

    I have xp pro and little problem with one of mine folders
    I wanted to make it visible or accessible only by me so i change something in property of folder which i cant remember now but its something with permission of who can access the folder.
    Now i am locked out of it
    Folder is there
    all files are there(most files are just jpeg files and bitmap images.when i go to individual photos property i can not see property summary as it is not available for a selected source)
    I am opening them with paint program.Tried others but no luck.
    Any sugestions??
    Atributes on folder is read only which i can change but same result.

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    take a looskie at this microsoft article

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    Well done teagbags! If you are looking on how to do this for a whole drive or folder I believe I have made a post on that here before just do a quick search :-) I''d post it again but I cant remember what that stupid little program is called haha

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    that worked perfectly.

    Just to add an advise/remind our newer members:
    I tried to make my folder secure and locked, and in a process locked myself out.
    So i was fortunate i was able to reverse the process thanks to members good advise and knowledge.
    Well that's probably the best way to learn( to stuff your pc trying to find some answers), but not always with desirable results.
    Its probably good advise to back up before any changes are to take place and to create restore point.
    Prevention better then cure.

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