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Thread: can anyone recommend a good tool kit

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    can anyone recommend a good tool kit

    im looking for a dual perpouse electronics and computer tool kit for around 150 dollars or less i do alot of electronics , ie , building guitar effects pedals , putting together such cool stuff as a burning laser pointer in a mini mag lite,and a lot of computer related stuff such as platter replacements in hard drives and replacing parts to building /rebuilding computers from the ground up ,it doesn't need fancy electronic screw drivers only electronic tools i need is voltage tester for power supply's and multimeter , so if you have something in mind plzz let me know , i have looked all over Google haven't found anything that would fit my needs ty in advance p.s some tools such as platter replacement jig i can make myself i just need as many basic and some specialized tools in one kit i can find to have on hand cause im type of person once im working on something i want it right there so i can get the job done lol
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    I could go to crap shack, wally world, and home despot and get you everything you need for less then 80 kind of question is this?

    if you do all that, you'd already have the tools!?
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