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    OK, as the question is about "tools" I will leave out day to day applications that I mentioned earlier.

    I will also assume that we have an already built machine that has or did have a functional operating system, which I will also assume is Windows (as it is the most common).


    1. DBAN (Darik's Boot & Nuke) or Eraser
    2. HDD Manufacturer's Diagnostics (eg. WD Data Lifeguard)
    3. CCleaner
    4. Auslogics Disk Defrag or Diskeeper Lite
    5. Auslogics Registry Defrag
    6. nLite/vLite
    7. ImgBurn
    8. Secunia PSI


    1. CCleaner
    2. Ad-Aware
    3. A-Squared
    4. Eraser
    5. ExeHound
    6. PC Inspector task manager
    7. Spybot S&D
    8. Avg/Antivir
    9. Online scanners (eg Panda)
    10. HijackThis!
    11. Bionic CPU Peeker
    12. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
    13. WinPatrol
    14. Disk Investigator
    15. Blacklight
    16. Combofix
    17. Ultimate Boot CD
    18. Disk Heal


    1. PC Inspector File Recovery
    2. PC Inspector Smart Recovery
    3. Recuva
    4. Undelete Plus
    5. Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier
    6. Disk Investigator
    7. Ultimate Boot CD


    1. SiSoft SANDRA
    2. Belarc Advisor
    3. Auslogics System Information
    4. Fresh Diagnose
    5. RAMpage


    Obviously there are many tools that perform similar functions, I have tried to restrict myself to those where you can get a copy that is free for private use.
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