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Thread: Desert Island Software Tools

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    Gore: As I said in the top of my post, I was just focusing on some of the network mgt software that I use daily. I don't use hping or hydra daily... nmap, ping, mstsc, gpedit, mmc, etc. are tools that I use everyday. There are a thousand tools that I could post but I was just posting the ones that people might also find useful for network mgt.

    BTW: Anyone here use OpenNMS for any length of time? How do/did you like it? I was considering using OpenNMS in addition to Nagios and Cacti, but I think there is going to be too much overlap in functionality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t34b4g5 View Post
    looks like the tazworms are starting to appear again...
    LOL there goes the neighborhood.

    So teabags, how come you don't show your face over at the taz?

    You'd like it. No rules, no one gets flamed for asking a stupid question (unless it's in the wireless forum and someone asks - yet again - "Does my network card work with Airodump")

    Also, most of us hang out on IRC during the day - those down under are on most of the night. #tazchat.

    You should swing by - I think you would fit in just fine!

    Of course nihil can't come 'cause no topic on the taz stays on topic for more than three posts. That reminds me...

    /me off to find user control panel

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    Phish - I used to use OpenNMS along side Nagios in a old job I had a few years back - eventually I got rid of Nagios and kept OpenNMS - there were a few things it didn't do that Nagios did but the overall usaged and administration of it seemed to be a lot eaiser.

    Cacti and OpenNMS running together is a winning NMS IMHO
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorlin View Post
    What the hell? Yeah, let's insult the south some more, it's all good. Considering we have more "tech support" from India than we do in the US, sure, let's rag on the south! Dumbasses....I swear, I'm going to get my dad's M1-Garands out and I'm sure not many of you even know what war those served in...
    Wow. eh... Wow.

    Did someone forget their meds today?
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    Hey dino - Does my network card work with airodump?

    and just who the feck is Teabags? Someone into naughty things best not discussed on a corporate-owned forum? Wow. And he's a mod too. Go figure!
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    Each and every one of these guys have me to thank for the whole being a mod thing. I rock.

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    We won, deal with it. 2001 Maniacs would be a great movie for you that's for sure. Specially that "Industrial" version of the south rising again. All the south has going for it is Louisiana, which is the only other cool state other than Michigan.


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    Is it possible to make this post a sticky or let the software mentioned here be catergorized so newbies like me know what software to use.
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