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Thread: The Return of L0phtCrack

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    The Return of L0phtCrack

    Looks like it's coming back. Should be interesting to see how they fare these days.
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    Interesting history lesson.
    Great tool.
    Can't wait.
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    Wow. I had a lot of fun with that program back when I was in high school. It was always fun to walk up to someone, and tell them their password. It will be interesting to see what features the new version has.
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    ahh yes, gotta give it a whirl.

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    Should be interesting to see what this new offering has.

    I remeber using it back in the day to crack the admin psswrd at my school.

    giving free photocopier credit's to my buds, being able to bypass filters and getting pr0n to display on computers around the school..

    anyhow yeah will be keeping a eye out for this.

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    I recall when the tools at Symantec purchased it then notified the customers that it was now going to be shelfware. I had a very nice heated call with our rep at the time who sold us the licensing just a month before the EOL announcement. Good times....

    I wonder if they have cleaned up any of the little annoying display bugs in the new release...

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