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Thread: The Culture of Unified Communications

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    The Culture of Unified Communications

    Unified communications is more than the sum of the technology components that make it up. Unified communication is about shifting the focus and being able to implement or develop innovative communications techniques that support and enhance business processes. Unified communications is about improving efficiency and increasing the productivity of users. Unified communications is about developing new synergies by enabling collaboration and cooperation.

    Unified communications is many things. Above all of those things though, unified communications is a culture. In order to realize the efficiency and productivity benefits, and in order to leverage unified communications to enhance business processes and foster new synergies, the users have to embrace the unified communications culture.

    A recent article illustrated the fact that unified communications is a journey and not just an implementation project. The article talks about looking beyond the underlying technologies and ensuring that there is a solid strategy and business processes designed to leverage the unified communications technologies.

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