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    So I found some website that was open to SQL injection about a year back... and this "group" scowered Zone-H looking for indian websites to re-deface. And after finding out which script I targeted and what queries where involved... they hit it up and got attention for riding everyone else's "stunning feats and exploits". I don't think it even mirrored.

    The only link that makes any mention of it is here.

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    Situation here (India and Pakistan) is sadder then you can imagine..

    I remember few years back a group called YAHA (or something similar, I'm not in the mood to do a google for them) claimed they had hacked all pakistani gov websites. This story was in Times of India too - When I read the URL I couldn’t stop laughing for a while.. I don’t remember the exact URL but it had ORG at the end !.. It wasn’t even real GOV site ! Apparently these guys got few domain names similar to Pak Gov sites but ended with ORG and idiots here believed they were "Super hackers"..

    We have few nuts like Ankit Fadia who claim to have helped NSA track Bin Laden and stuff.. It’s sad because people believe them and waste LOT of money and time doing certs by these so called hackers..

    Trust me with the kind of security at organizations in India and ignorance at government agencies a 6 year old can hack us and I'm not joking.. The cyberpolice website of Mumbai was hacked on the 2nd day post its launch because administrator ID and password were same.. the BARC (Atomic agency) was hacked due to the same vulnerability, but this one took place years before Cyberpolice site was hacked - Ignorance.

    Sigh mate.. I'm sorry.. I'm sure you'll see your script pop up on many Orkut (that’s what is used for social networking here more then facebook or twitter) claiming to be done by them.. You can of course leave a format C: /x on their machines..

    Here's what got me into Computer security -

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    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

    Greater the Difficulty, SWEETER the Victory.

    Believe in yourself.

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    Ok lady's..

    This ain't really security news, more a pissin' competition..

    also the crap put in the Tags... Not a good idea.

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