good day everyone.

i dont know how to begin, but here's an over view.

i had assembled my desktop about 3 months back and and installed vista on it. it took me almost a week to install all of my programs, get all of my music, documents, games and pictures in their respective places.

i have a single hard drive (160gb)with two partitions (C and D). now recently the free space in both is running low, so i have decided to go in for one of those 500gb hard drives and transfer my documents and backup into that one. now for the problem

1st hhd, 2 partitions (windows in C(60gb), documents in D(100gb))
2nd hhd, single partition (500gb)

what i need:
1st hhd, single partition (160gb) only for windows
2nd hhd, single partition (500gb) only for documents and back up

without re-installing windows.

transfering and linking the documents is easy. what i cant figure out is how do i remove the partition in the 1st hhd without corrupting the windows installation

one of the methods i could use is go through control panel>admin tools> computer mangmt. and delete the partition from there. i can remove the d drive from there. but it wont combine this with c drive.

i tried making both drives as slaves in another computer (windows xp) to transfer and format the 1st drive, there are still some files it wont transfer, thus corrupting windows again. which we are trying to avoid.

any help would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance