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Thread: 500GB Optical Disk

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    500GB Optical Disk

    A disc that can store 500 gigabytes (GB) of data, equivalent to 100 DVDs, has been unveiled by General Electric.
    Now you really won't have an excuse for not backing up

    Article here:

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    Sounds like were getting close. Holographic storage always seems to be one of those just over that next hill technologies.

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    Most of the parts that make up a computer are so far ahead or so far behind.. Especially the storage technology..
    I mean you have 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps LAN but will the HDD handle that ? NO !
    Wi-Fi is going up to 450 Mbps but there is no way you can get even 10 % of the speed for internet .. Even Ad Hoc for gaming will not give you such high speed..
    Computer parts till date to me have been messed up, especially with HDD being SLOW as compared to everything else out there.. Finally with SSD that gap was bridged “to an extent”.. But their capacity is much less then what is usually required today (mainly for gamers I guess).. I personally want to see external HDD’s getting better in speed mainly.. I used to hear 35000 RPM disc’s years ago.. I always thought they would come down to consumer level.. That never happened..
    / rant over /
    I do welcome this technology, but let's see if they can agree on a common standard and push it to public in "acceptable" prices..
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