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Thread: adicted to wifi and need a auto cracker for it

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    I think thats a mod\admin feature....I dont see the button you are talking about Nihil


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    Yeah, I don't have that button either...
    It's ok i'll show you mine..
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    button envy
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    To the OP, as they said some on here are not all that appreciative of what you might be considering. I on the other hand have never lived on their side of the tracks. I would suggest you do some googling and reading (I believe in reading and learning. The whole teaching to fish vs giving a fish thing). Do some googling on man in the middle attacks, arp poisoning or spoofing, cain and abel, airpcap, wireshark... these will lead to other areas of study. I believe you can even find some youtube videos of this sort of thing.

    Sorry to anyone offended.
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    Also look at videos on Vimeo. John Strand has some good ones, as do the other guys from Pauldotcom.

    Here are a few to get you started. Just don't be stupid. It is one thing to learn how this stuff works, quite another to use it for illegal purposes.
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    To illustrate my warnings, here is a case that was decided in Scotland today:

    Rennie was also found guilty of two charges of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by accessing insecure internet connections.
    Actually, it was the very fact that he did this that got him found out.

    The story is here, but WARNING!!! THIS IS VERY NASTY STUFF.


    Now, supposing that these two unsecured internet connections had been secured with WEP and you cracked it. On the face of things your access appears authorised because you supplied the correct authentication.

    Now suppose that the sites were actually controlled by the pedophile ring.........

    You just got yourself one hell of a lot of explaining to do (particularly as you can only protest your innocence by admitting a lesser criminal offence) and will have ALL your computer equipment, cellphones, cameras, media etc. impounded for at least 12 months.

    Is it really worth the risk?
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